The Match: Wooden Floor vs Tiles

In the brown corner we have the Wooden Floor, getting warmed to give to the Tiles the beating of a lifetime! And we also have the Tiles in the other corner! Getting focused and just with an idea in mind: prove to the audience that he’s superior to the silly Wooden Floor!

This is entertaining – and maybe a bit strange – introduction we give start to this blog post which will discuss the following matter: What kind of floor is better: wooden or tiles? If you want to discover this answer, then you need to keep reading because this is exactly what we are about to discuss here!

Wooden Floor:

We simply love wooden floor. We consider it to be one of the best kinds of floor, because it’s beautiful, elegant and will resist the pass of the time quite well. A wooden floor, providing it’s of good quality, won’t require a lot of maintenance. You can have it in your home for a lot of years, so you can consider it an excellent investment which will last for a lot of years.

The wooden floor, depending on what style you choose, will give to your house a pretty unique vibe. One of the downsides is that, when it gets severely damaged, it will be time to replace it. Because repairing will give just a temporary solution and is likely to ruin the floor completely.

Another big benefit provided by a wooden floor is the fact that it is not likely to look dirty. This is what makes this type of floor so excellent, because it doesn’t look dirty and you don’t have to clean it constantly due to that. So you can rest easy, because your precious wooden floor will look beautiful at all times with minimal maintenance.


Tiles are another great choice for those who want to give to their houses an excellent look. The principal advantage provided by tiles is that you can choose between a lot of styles, and you can even select different styles and make excellent combinations. When you use a wooden floor you don’t have such a high flexibility, so this is the first advantage of tiles over wooden floor.

Another excellent thing is that it’s pretty easy to repair a tiles floor, because you can simply replace the damaged tile and that’s it. That’s why a lot of people seem to prefer these floors.

But one of the huge downsides associated to tiles is that they get dirty pretty quickly, so logically you will have to clean it more often. This is where the wooden floor is portrait as a better option, especially for those who don’t like cleaning so much.


They both are excellent choices, but the answer is in your needs. Because your final choice will be decided on your requirements, if your budget is not so big, then tiles may do the trick, but if your budget is quite flexible, you should give the wooden floor a try.