Why having a loft conversion is a great idea

Many have decided that staying and improving their existing home makes sense when comparing with moving to a new one. A loft can make for great organised storage space or extra space.

Buying versus moving

Buying a new home would be more expensive and a much greater hassle. This would saving them on stamp duty, and also on legal and mortgage fees and moving costs. The main argument being that the new property would need work and improvements and development too.  So you may want to stay put and renovate or redecorate and redesign a part of your property like your loft.

Building and recycling

Building a loft conversion can be used to reuse and recycle or resold. This reduces your carbon footprint and can prove to be very cost effective.  Old floorboards, doors, radiators can  be reused, cleaned up and given a new finish. What you cant sell or reuse , you can try to sell or pass it over to CJL Services house clearance in Southend, and they’ll take care of it .  So emptying out your loft, classifying what you need , what to throw away and recycle and what to sell can be rewarding.

Creating living space

Lofts or basements, barns or warehouses, a living space can be created from any structure. What is needed is a good design and expert builders or contractors like Entire House North London. A  loft conversion is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase space. It is sometimes able to prevent you having to eat up your garden and exterior space, which you value. When new rooms are created within the roof, they have more natural sunlight streaming in for a good part of the day. The view is also more spectacular than from the rooms below.

The different options

When the loft is converted you could pretty much use it for any purpose. Fo organized and better storage, for  the house the roof space or loft can be a great location for a new master bedroom,  for a home office or playroom or even for a self-contained annex. You also have a range of SESecondary glazing to choose from too when building your loft conversion. However, building regulations need to be kept in mind and adhered to. To help you with all these issues and great designs and creativity you may use a builder or contractor with experience and the right references like Entire House North London.

Live and let live

When your house is being renovated (with a nice aquarium fish tank setup) or converted or an extension is being carried out it can mean a disruption in the lives of the inhabitants of the house. Extensions in genral involve building in the outer space and garden area. Not everyone wants to sacrifice these.  For such people a loft conversion adds space but does not involve building over the garden. The only space redesigned and moved is the space required to accommodate access by putting in a new staircase. A project involving the redesigning and reworking the loft area typically takes four to six weeks to complete. This is also usually possible to  do while the family continues living in your home while the loft itself  is being converted. Entire House North London is a contractor that is an expert at such renovations.