What you need to look for in Air Compressor

As you start your chase for an air compressor, there are things you must consider prior to spending your money to ensure the compressor you pick will cater for all your needs. Read on to know the things you need to consider when looking a

Standard Square Feet per Minute or SCFM:

This is the capacity of air flow.


Pressure per square inch. It’s the unit wherein pressure is measured. The rating of an air compressor shows the maximum pressure it could work at.

Horse Power or HP:

Motor power output is measured in HP. The larger the air tank, the more horsepower you want to effectively fill the tank.

Gallon: The size of the tank is measured in Gallon.


Location is extremely essential when picking an air compressor.  Your compressor fitting location has to be suitable for you. This is the first important thing to consider and will know what kind of compressor you want. When you’re going to work in a restricted area, it is highly suggested an electric power unit that has low noise rating. This is measured in db and the lower the number, the lower the noise. Air compressor today is quitter than old models, and some works at 60 db. At this stage, you’ll be capable of having a normal discussion, standing next to it.

Power requirements:

It is very essential to understand what power source you have on hand and select an air compressor accordingly. Compressor powered by gas doesn’t need any electricity and remarkable when working on job sites where electricity is available.

If you have determine the power source that suits you best, you have to get all the important that will assist you select the best compressor for you.

  • Write down the PSI and SCFM needs of the air tools which you like to run with the compressor.
  • Ensure that air compressor you select can give enough air flow to power the entire equipment.
  • Ensure the air compressor you pick can give enough pressure or PSI in order to power your tools.
  • Do you want a stationary or portable air compressor? Compressors which have horizontal tank usually more portable and could easily be transferred or steer around.
  • What size of tank you want? Bigger tank provide longer and uninterrupted working time.
  • Do you want a low noise compressor? Then compare db ratings to know a low noise air compressor.

If you have taken all the points stated above into consideration and narrowed down the search to a specific kind of air compressor, look at client reviews and ratings to look for the best air compressor for you. Getting hold of any air compressor parts in the uk is very easy to do but always make sure the company you buy these parts from are recognised and have good reviews.

Hopefully this article aids you to look for the best air compressor. The best tip to consider is to always read the owner’s manual properly prior to not just using your new air compressor, but any other portable appliance for that matter. Some air compressors today have a run in procedure which is essential to the durability of the unit. Some compressors have a run in procedure that is vital to the durability of the machine.